Why Community Pharmacy Must Embrace Innovation? Insights from Pharmacists

“If we stand still, we will die. We have to keep moving, and we have to keep changing” said Patrick Gompels, co-owner of Gompels Limited, while emphasising
the need for innovation in community pharmacy services, during the recent Pharmacy Business Conference 2024.

Centered on the theme ‘Pharmacy of Tomorrow,’ the conference, held at the Hilton Wembley on April 28, focused on adopting and adapting innovative technology as
well as new ways of working and thinking to enhance patient services.

Patrick was joined by Mayank Patel of Pearl Chemist Group and Michael Lennox, CEO of Community Pharmacy Somerset (LPC), during the panel discussion on innovation
in community pharmacy services, moderated by Reena Barai, pharmacist and owner of S G Barai Pharmacy.

On the changes he made at Gompels, Patrick said: “The first thing we did was a complete overhaul of all of our systems. Pretty much everything was stripped down.”

He shared that Gompels has embraced innovation by partnering with forward-thinking companies like Titan PMR, Drug Comparison, and Real World Analytics to enhance
their processes and data analysis capabilities.