Wet Scrubber System Manufacturers

Features Of Wet Scrubber System
Convenient to use
Unmatched quality
Environment Friendly
Electrical Control Panel
Easy to fix
Low running & maintenance cost
Quencher to reduce the flue gas temperature
Specifications Of Wet Scrubber System
Venturi Scrubber high energy air pollution control device (Wet Scrubber) with Stainless Steel
Fumes handles- HCL / H2SO1 / HNO2 / Fumes
Temperature- 30°C to 250°C
Gas cleaning efficiency at source- between 80 to 95%
MOC- MS+FRP/ PP+FRP / SS 316L SS304/IS2062
Consists of- Ventury / Suction Hoods / Pump/ Centrifugal fans / Pipelines AND VENTURY+ Pall Rings And Demister Pad+ Spraying System
Full automated system with level transmitter, along with DCS