security service provider in india

There is a shortage of skilled security guards in India. A negative stereotype exists about security guards in Indian society of one who is uneducated, untrainable , uncouth & not alert. We at CISS want to change this stereotype and we do this by providing transformational training to security guards at CISS Skill Academy.

The model, method and features of our skill transformational programme are :

Accredited and Compliant: Our Academy is accredited with Sector Council and PSARA, 2005.

Training the mind and as well as the body-: CISS under trainee cadets are not only to condition their body with gruelling exercise routines but also to condition their minds to be alert, analyse simple data, use basic technology and become auto-didacts (self learners – who continually improve their cognitive abilities – thus becomes part of your organization)

Soft skills: CISS guards are trained to refine their EQ (Emotional Quotient) and learn basics of corporate etiquette

The detail-oriented CISS guard doesn’t sit on a chair all day long, He is always active – aware – alert. We have created a CISS model guard to help set bench mark standard. Here is a list of services our professional guards provide to ensure a pleasant first hand experience

Alert Guard Watch Check System with real-time patrol reporting.
Vehicle & Foot Patrols with real-time reporting
Control Room Manning with 24×7 customized KPIs monitoring
CCTV with Surveillance Monitoring
Meticulous Frisking & Vehicle Searches