Sampurna Bastu Shastra Odia Book By Nilamani Banarji

These days, housing and buildings have become very important for people. Houses are constructed in such a way that they become comfortable to live in, but most of the time people forget about the various rules and principles of Vastu Shastra that are required to be followed during construction. if you know about Vastu Shastra, then you will be able to understand whether your home is constructed safely for you and your family or not.

Sampurna Vastu Shastra Book is a complete guide that contains details about Vastu Shastra and its application on how to build residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental establishments. The author has spent a considerable amount of time
researching the subject through scientific learning. This book not only teaches about Vastu Shastra but also covers many practical aspects like the placement of rooms, color schemes, and bedroom layouts, which will help you in designing your rooms moreeffectively. The only place to purchase this instructive book, which was translated by the astrlogers dr,Nirmal banarjee
and Vastu Samrat Ramachandra Das.