Pharmacy organizations condemn 2.59 % NHS prescription charge hike

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society in England (RPS) and Community Pharmacy England (CPE) have raised alarm over the impending increase in NHS prescription
charges, slated to take effect from May 1, 2024.

The RPS, represented by Chair Tase Oputu, condemned the rise, labeling it a “dark day for patients” who will now face nearly £10 per prescription item.

Oputu emphasised the disproportionate impact on individuals with low incomes, citing the “relentless annual increases in prescription charges” as exacerbating
the affordability crisis in healthcare.

” Every day pharmacists are asked by patients who are unable to afford all the items in their prescription which ones they can ‘do without'” she said.

She further added that the financial barriers to get vital medicines should not be faced by any one and advocated for “the abolition of prescription charges in
England, as has been implemented in other parts of the UK”.