Numark Chairman on Labour’s Pharmacist Prescribing Service: Concept needs exploration

Healthcare reform emerged as a cornerstone of the Labour Party’s manifesto leading up to the recent general election. A standout pledge was the establishment
of a Community Pharmacist Prescribing Service, aimed at granting pharmacists independent prescribing rights where clinically suitable. This initiative is seen as a
positive step in addressing critical challenges within the National Health Service (NHS).

Numark Chairman Harry McQuillan praised Labour’s recognition of pharmacists’ role in patient care through expanded prescribing rights.

“Let’s be honest, pharmacists are an underutilised resource within the healthcare system. We possess extensive training and expertise, yet our full potential
hasn’t always been acknowledged.

“By harnessing pharmacists expanded prescribing rights, Labour is acknowledging our significant role in patient care. This initiative aims to recognise our skills
and enhance patient care, ensuring quicker access to necessary treatments,” he said.

However, he pointed out that the concept requires further exploration, as the rights to prescribe are already granted through the recent change to undergraduate
training that incorporates prescribing.