MarTech Interview with Derek Chew, CEO of Fullmoon Digital

Derek, please tell us how can marketing agencies enhance their understanding of culture beyond race and ethnicity to connect with consumers on a deeper level and tap into the surging purchasing power of multicultural consumers.

Understanding culture goes beyond race and ethnicity; it’s about immersing oneself in the experiences, beliefs, values, and lifestyles of the consumer mosaic. To connect with multicultural consumers, agencies should engage in continuous learning, seek diverse voices, and be present in their spaces. It’s crucial to approach this journey with a humble, open mindset, unlearning preconceived notions and biases.
Marketers need to be like a blank slate, absorbing new outlooks authentically to foster a deeper connection with varied audiences. This involves shedding biases and opening to the knowledge and experiences that multicultural communities offer. Only then can campaigns truly resonate, bridging gaps and building lasting relationships based on genuine understanding and respect.
It’s about understanding the nuances, the history, and the evolving dynamics of different cultural identities and reflecting that understanding in every campaign.

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