The film chronicles the life and travel from 1952 to 1962 of Syed Abdul Rahim, a regarded football coach who revolutionized the wear in India. Due to his gigantic commitment to football, the Indian football group was nicknamed the "Brazil of Asia" and played in a 4-2-4 arrangement. Rahim's assurance, administration and vision made him an symbol in the history of Indian sports. The film captures the challenges, penances, and triumphs of Rahim and the Indian football group as they endeavor to overcome societal impediments and make their check on the world organize. This made a difference India win his two gold decorations in his 1951 and his 1962 Asian Diversions, and the Indian football group got to be the to begin with Asian football group to reach the semi-finals in his 1956 Summer Olympics. We got to be a group.