Infertility Treatment in Punawale, Pune – Dr. Shraddha Galgali

Dr. Shraddha Galgali is a renowned and qualified Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Punawale, Pune with an experience of more than 8 years. She provides infertility counseling and management at Dr. Shraddha’s Excella Women’s Wellness Clinic in Punawale, Pune. With Dr. Shraddha Galgali, your dreams to start a happy family can come true.

What Is Infertility?
A year or more of unprotected sexual activity without pregnancy is considered infertility.
Primary infertility: Primary infertility occurs when there has never been a pregnancy.
Secondary infertility: Issues with fertility in a couple who had naturally conceived.

Causes of Infertility:
Infertility is commonly caused by problems with ovulation (the monthly release of an egg from the ovaries).
Most common causes :
Ovulation dysfunction – PCOS
Tubal Factor
Male Factor
Unexplained Infertility less common causes of infertility:
Uterine – Fibroids, Adenomyosis, Anomalies
Previous tubal ligation surgery – tied tubes
Previous vasectomy surgery
Infertility associated with immunological problems
How Dr. Shraddha Galgali can help you?
The best infertility specialist inPunawale Dr. Shraddha Galgali can help you in various ways to start a healthy family:

Diagnosing Infertility : The best Infertility Specialist Dr. Shraddha Galgali will understand your lifestyle & your medical history, which may lead to a proper diagnosis of infertility which will further help devise a treatment plan & come up with viable solutions.
Treating Infertility: Once diagnosed, the Infertility Specialist will devise treatment plans and schedules for the couple. The treatment plan will depend on the cause of infertility, the period of infertility the age of the couple & personal preferences
Helping Expecting Couples: Future mother & fathers expecting to become parents and start a family should consult the best fertility doctor in Punawale to make sure that their pregnancy phase will pass without any complications and tackle any hurdl