Huge victory of Congress in Karnataka, defeat of BJP, now effect will be seen in Rajya Sabha also

New Delhi . In Karnataka, the Congress managed to win a landslide victory, while the BJP put in full force. Now the effect of defeat in Karnataka will be seen by BJP in Rajya Sabha also. However, in the elections held on 4 Rajya Sabha seats in Karnataka last year, BJP got 3 seats. Karnataka has 12 Rajya Sabha seats. In future, when these seats will be vacant, then BJP may have to suffer on the strength of numbers. At present, the BJP has 92 seats in the Rajya Sabha, while the Congress has only 31 seats. Trinamool Congress has 13 seats, Aam Aadmi Party and DMK 10-10 seats. Four members of the Upper House from Karnataka are due to retire next year, in which case the Congress will get three seats again. In three years, the party's position will also reach 7 out of 12 seats in the state. BJP in Karnataka at this timePass 6, Congress 5 and JDS 1 seat. JDS has suffered a major setback in