Fixing Tree Relationships in the Ancestry App

Detaching Wrong Relationships in the Ancestry App
For disconnecting wrong relationships, follow the steps as follows
1. You need to, first of all, move ahead to any page mentioned on the Ancestry.
2. Go to the trees tab and then have to choose a tree.
3. You have to then instantly move ahead to the tree and have to go to the person whose relationship you need to change.
4. Go ahead to the profile and then for finding someone, you need to go ahead to the tree search menu mentioned at the top-right corner.
5. You have to then move ahead to the panel and then write down in the field and choose the name.
6. Go to the top-right corner and then have to choose the edit option.
7. You need to then select edit relationships and then have to go next to the relationship that you are willing to disconnect.
8. Go to X mentioned on the right side and then finally, you have to then choose the remove option.