Evusheld not recommended for adults with severe Covid-19, NICE study reveals

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued draft guidance on ‘Evusheld’ which is not recommended for vulnerable adult with high
risk of severe Covid-19 on Thursday (16 February).

The draft guidance is open for public consultation until 9 March 2023. The committee will consider any comments received at a meeting currently due to take place on
4 April 2023.

It comes after last month’s decision by the US drug regulator to withdraw its emergency use authorisation for Evusheld as a preventative treatment for Covid-19,
which said there was insufficient evidence that Evusheld is effective against the dominant variants of Covid-19 in the US.

NICE’s independent appraisal committee has reached the same conclusion having considered evidence which shows Evusheld is unlikely to prevent infection with most of
the variants circulating in the UK now and in the near future.

It has also announced that it is developing a new review process to update recommendations on the cost-effectiveness of Covid-19 treatments so they can be made
available more quickly to patients if they show promise against new variants and are found to be cost-effective.