British Citizen Award honours community pharmacist, Viral Doshi for ‘Services to Healthcare’

A community pharmacist, Viral Doshi was honoured with the British Citizen Award (BCA) on Thursday (26 January) at the Palace of Westminster for transforming
his community centre into vaccination hub during Covid-19 pandemic.

Viral was presented with his Medal of Honour by Liam Sargeant, Senior Company Communications Manager, from supporters P&G and TV presenter and Patron of the BCA,
Nick Knowles, who hosted the event.

At the height of the pandemic, Viral obtained approval to transform his community centre into a vaccination hub. Located in the heart of a multi-ethnic population,
with social deprivation, surrounded by wards experiencing high rates of Covid-19. His determination to increase uptake and reduce vaccination hesitancy, led to
80,000 vaccinations being administered, the overall highest vaccination uptake in North West London.

Viral is a passionate advocate for the role that GP practices and community pharmacies can play in supporting the health agenda. His objective, to provide better
choice and access for the community have been fully met and appreciated by patients. His initiatives led to a dramatic increase in the clinical skills, knowledge
and services offered by local community pharmacies around a variety of health topics. This enabled pharmacies to adopt a holistic health approach to working with
their communities.