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Duration: 709 Hrs Course Content: Course insights Theory Different Nail Systems Product Knowledge Nail Structure Bones and Muscles (Arm & Foot) Common Nail Disorder & Symptoms Nail Shapes Different Nail... Read More

VLCC Institute for best Dietician Courses in India. We offer Dietician training courses in the Courses in Nutrition and Dietetics, Dietician and Nutrition Courses, Dietician Nutrition Courses, Diploma in... Read More

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Vlcc Certificate in special effect makeup artistry Duration: 11 Days (78 hours) No of Days: 11 Days Course Content: 3D Prosthetics & Special Effects Introduction class (TV, film, theatre and 3D effects) Wounds, Scars, Bruises, Bullet marks... Read More

vlcc Comprehensive makeup Artist Program Des: Duration:2 Months 19 Days (105 hours) No of Days:35 Days Course Content: History and theory of make up Important tools of makeup Professional make up product theory Understanding the camera light,... Read More