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Are you looking for a fluke agent

Fluke Bangladesh is operated and maintained with quality by Iconic Engineering Limited. With the authorization from Fluke Corporation representing Fluke in Bangladesh. To provide very original brand new World Class Fluke... Read More

Fluke Distributor in Bangladesh

Fluke distributor In Bangladesh Iconic Engineering Limited, specializes in providing top-tier Fluke measurement instruments. They offer a diverse range of quality Fluke products tailored to meet various industry needs. With... Read More

Calibration Service in Bangladesh

Experience unparalleled calibration excellence in Bangladesh. Our certified technicians utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability of your instruments. Choose us for the precision that empowers your... Read More

Electrical Services in Bangladesh

Calibration service is a crucial process that ensures the accuracy and precision of measurement instruments and equipment. It involves comparing the measurements of a device to a known standard to... Read More